Flowers and Yardwork

We’ve been busy here, trying to get our yard cleaned up. We’ve made progress but still have a ways to go.

The front part of our yards looks good. The “wildflowers” that I planted are coming up nicely in one of the planters. The other side is slowly coming up.

It seems that the flowers are crowded , I’m going to thin them out a little or I might just leave them the way they are. I really like how they look. We have weeds growing through out our yard so we are going to be pulling them soon. We have a HEAT ADVISORY for tomorrow so not much will be done outside.

That is what is left in our back/side yard to do. The firepit was left here and it’s falling apart , the bike is my sons and he is going to be using it for parts. We still need to finish the fence to enclose it. I still need to get my Fall Garden in and leave room for our dog. The picture was taken from our steps on our porch.

We did plant some veggies in pots earlier today. I will post another blog post about it tomorrow. We might try and do some yardwork if it’s not too hot or humid. We still have inside projects to finish. The hubby mentioned something about redoing the bathroom so we will see how that goes.

I still need to paint parts of the pantry and finish painting our bedroom. Our bedroom is nearly done and I’ll write a blog about that as well once it’s done.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Yardwork

  1. I saw a picture of your flowers but when I clicked on your blog it went away. But wow! Your flowers are doing so good! I love hearing about all the stuff you’re doing! I just wanted to say that I hope my blog post didn’t offend you…I was being goofy but I thought about it later and deleted that post. I wanna stay positive.


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