Goodwill Shopping

We’ve been busy with finishing up projects.

We decided to go to Goodwill to see if they had any type of cabinets that I could use for kitchen storage. It was several trips within a week and half, that I actually found something I could use for storage. We actually enclosed our Pantry so now the kitchen is smaller. We still have the same uppers and lowers that came with the Mobile Home. Still don’t use the drawers and part of the lowers because they are falling apart .

These are the cabinets we bought, I wasn’t to happy about the price but I needed extra storage so We got them. I didn’t paint them just gave them a good cleaning and use them everyday. While we were at Goodwill I looked around for small decor pieces that I could use in our “new” bedroom. I found a few pieces that I’m going to be using in our bedroom and throughout our home.

The single picture is going to hold chalk once we finish the chalkboard wall in our bedroom. The set will more than likely sit on our console table we have in the room. We been so busy with projects, finishing one up just to start another. Our bedroom is done with the exception of the chalkboard wall. I still have to paint the wall and paint the new pantry walls.

I will post another blog post about our bedroom what it looks like now and once the chalkboard paint is done.

The garden is nowhere where I’d like it to be but I still have time to do a late summer , early fall garden going.

So, What have you been up to?

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next time

4 thoughts on “Goodwill Shopping

  1. Looks like great storage for the kitchen. And cute pitcher and stuff. My older daughter and I went to the Goodwill a couple weeks ago and it was so nice! It had been months. Sounds like you and hubs have been having fun getting stuff done. Curious to see how your chalkboard wall will come out.
    It seems I’ve been stalled. Did decluttering the other day in the kitchen…mostly the counters. Glued my old rocking chair together. Trying to water and keep our little garden alive in this desert wasteland its become out here. Everything’s so hot and dry. 109 tomorrow! We took a one-day trip to the ocean and it was beautiful and cool. It was cooler than usual here for a week after and then huge heat wave.
    A fall garden will be nice for you. Maybe you have a little time left for a few tomatoes?

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    1. Thank You! The first we went into Goodwill is “felt’ different after months of it being closed. It was nice to go there instead of Walmart. Glad that you and your daughter got to Goodwill. You get the blistering heat and we get Rain. We did have very hot/humid days so the plants I had died or trying to stay alive but barely. I had bought tomato plants and one is just holding on. It’s suppose to be in the high 70s with thunderstorms tomorrow so much for working outside. We’ve had severe storms for about the last week.

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