Broken Window

What use to be our Bedroom. Now is a Gaming Room/ Walk in Closet.

All I can say is I’m so glad that we decided to change rooms. We still have to paint one wall with the chalk board paint and put a small table in the new bedroom . A couple of nights ago , one of our windows were shattered by a rock.

The window had 2 panes that the rock had to go through. The rock weighs roughly 3lbs. It was thrown with force to break both panes. I didn’t want to write about it sooner because my mood wasn’t the greatest when it happened or the next day.

We did put a piece of plywood on the broken window, it’s a temporary fix. We weren’t in the room when the glass shattered but we heard it. We thought that the cats had broken some décor pieces. Our neighbor heard the crash and came of his Mobile Home. From the angle that the rock was thrown it seem like it was intentional and not someone randomly throwing a rock. The cats aren’t allowed in the room , we still have glass pieces to pick up.

Hope everyone is going great!

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time.

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