Small Bedroom

We finished as much as we could on the small bedroom. We decided not to put up drywall instead we chose paneling.

The bedroom is right next to the furnace and it gets extremely hot. Some of the walls are painted white. I bought Black Chalkboard Paint to paint the other wall. We also downsized our bed from a Queen to a Full.

We moved the wall on hallway side about 6 inches out , it gave us a little bit of more space. The ceiling still needs to be replaced. For now it’s going to have to wait. We are deciding on putting carpet or hard wood flooring down. I’d like to have hard wood flooring but carpet is cheaper.

The new wall is behind the lamp and fan. The wall that is painted is the wall on the kitchen side. We put in a new window that was smaller than the original window. We still have to finish the room for now it’s done enough to sleep in.

We still have other projects around here to do. The bathroom is going to get a minor over hall. I’m thinking about repainting the hallway. We finally got a dumpster to clean out the yard and clean out the trailer with all the projects that we’ve done so far. Hopefully within the next few days the yard will be cleaned out and I can put in my garden.

What have you be up too?

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next time.

5 thoughts on “Small Bedroom

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering about the room. Wow! It looks great. Are you going to write on your chalkboard wall? I would if I had one. You guys are getting lots done… So cool. I’m just keeping up with the house somewhat. Nothing exciting tho. I will have to come up with Glad you’re back!

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  2. That should be a fun thing to do. I was just thinking about chalkboard walls the other day. Not sure why but hey.. I have a chalkboard but so limited on wall space.

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