Staying Home

We went to Walmart so my son could cash his paycheck. All I wanted to do was stay home.

I’ve wanted nothing to do with the outside world for the last week. It seems like this is recurring with me from time to time. For so reason it really hit home that I don’t want to go anywhere and do as little as possible.

I’ve been keeping to myself and watching videos and reading blogs on homesteading, gardening , self sufficiency. Not so much on watching or reading about decorating your home on a budget, hauls, or anything that has to do with decorating.

For the most part our home is decorated or filled with everything we really like /love. I don’t really enjoy shopping like I use to which is a good thing. We are paying our bills and paying off some debt we have. We don’t know if hubby will have a job to go back to. He hasn’t heard anything from his Company. So, like many people it’s a wait and see as the Country is slowly opening back up.

I’ve been cooking and cleaning around the house. I’m really wanting to get outside and do more work in our yard. We have had crazy weather here on and off for the last week. We brought in our hanging baskets because we had a freeze warning and will continue to have freeze warning until Monday. The temp tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60s but night temps are below freezing.

This weather is strange , I don’t remember last May being like this. Next week the temps are suppose to be in the 60s to 70s but Thunderstorms are also forecasted. We did get a piece of wood for our fence and it is put up. It’s part privacy and part noise control. I also put an outdoor rug on our patio. That’s as far as I got with the patio. I have plants that I want to put on the patio but the weather is preventing me from doing that.

I will get outside tomorrow and do some work , take my plants out . I want to get our patio area “DOLLED UP”. I’m going to see if my hubby can build me a small bench or two for some of the plants we bought.

Is there any projects you’ve been working on??

Thanks for stopping by!

Til next time.

2 thoughts on “Staying Home

  1. Sometimes it’s good to stay home and do nothing. It’s been hot here! It was 97 yesterday! There are a few less desirable things that need doing around my house like clearing off the porch and sorting through some papers. Nothing fun…


  2. True. That’s quite hot. It’s in the 60s here today but it’s cloudy. Still going to try and get some yard work done. Our porch need a good cleaning, things need to taken off it. Hope you have a nice Mothers Day!!!


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