Our Cats

I thought I would share a few pictures of our Cats. Their mom was found under a Trailer in the park.

It took awhile to get her use to humans. Their mom is kinda bossy and demanding but overall a calm cat.

Speedy is the dark tabby, Ketch is the Orange Tabby and Baer(bear) is Orange and white with some tabby markings.

They try and run the household but they know better or do they? Ketch is very calm and a mommas boy, he likes to cuddle and be cuddled. Speedy is quite the opposite , he wants to be petted on his terms Speedy doesn’t like to be cuddled. Baer loves attention and can’t get enough but it’s on his terms.

They like to “run you over” , play in boxes, sleep in the boxes as well. They run up and down the hall like a horde of Elephants. Speedy will accompany me to the bathroom and keeps watch. Not actually sure why he does that but he does. Speedy sleeps on our headboard at night and Ketch generally sleeps on a chair in our bedroom. Baer sleeps where he wants.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time.

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