Venturing Out

We decided to go out today to a City about half an hour away.

When I first moved to West Virginia, it’s the City I moved to. Considering that West Virginia doesn’t have many Cities, It has everything or most everything someone who likes Cities to have. It’s not a bad City, I just prefer a quieter pace of life.

Even with everything that is still not open , there was A lot of traffic. Of course Walmart was open and Dollar Tree, Dollar Generals and some food places. We did stop n Walmart to get our Fishing licenses. While we were there, we decided to do some shopping.

I did pick up a Pressure Cooker/Canner as it is something I’ve wanted for a long while now. Since we decided to start a garden this year, I’m hoping to get to use it. I also picked up a Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I’ve been wanting one of those as well. I’m wanting to eventually replace all my cookware with Cast Iron.

I’m still doing research on the Pressure Canner. I’ve had a few Cast Iron pieces a long time ago , I like how food cooks and tastes.

Overall, Us going to the City was pretty uneventful. One of the reasons for us going out was to see about a Bench that someone had for sale we never heard back from that person so we decided to stop at Walmart and get our Fishing Licenses.

I don’t have Patio furniture so I’m checking Facebook Market Place to see what I can find since the thrift stores are still closed. At our local Goodwill , I’ve seen Patio Furniture . When it comes to outside furniture , I really don’t like paying full price. So, the hunt is still on for outside furniture.

For the next several days it’s suppose to rain here so not much will get done outside. It sucks because I’m wanting to get the enclosure built so I can start our garden. So, while it raining , we will doing things inside our home.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

2 thoughts on “Venturing Out

  1. We have the opposite problem in California. Not enough rain!
    I just recently seasoned a couple new cast iron frying pans to use. I put it off for a long time. We use stainless steel and I have one regular frying pan and the two cast iron ones. Healthier to use.
    All my outside patio stuff is really old…almost falling apart. I hope it all holds up. Hope you’re able to find some nice stuff on facebook marketplace.


  2. Our Forecast is constantly changing it seems. So, tomorrow is suppose to be a decent day. I have a Cast Iron skillet, both pieces need to be seasoned. I’m still looking on Facebook but so far no luck and what I do like they are asking too much for what they are selling. So, for now I’m going to use some furniture I already have. Thank You!!!


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