Front garden

We’ve been getting A LOT of rain as of late.

It seems that we might have to redo our front garden with all the rain we’ve been getting I don’t think the seeds that I planted are still there. I did however plant flowers against a border that we built .

So, far the plants are doing well with all the rain. There are other flower/plants through out our yard so I might transplant some of those. We will have to see how that goes. Rain is in our forecast for the next week. I’d really like to get working on our greenhouse/plant enclosure but that will have to wait a little while.

I’ve been rearranging and rearranging things inside our home. At the moment our bedroom is my “dreaded space. I’d love to have a wardrobe closet to “hid” our clothes. Since everything is still closed and openings aren’t going to happen for a little while, the clothes will be “show cased”.

Hubby is still unemployed and he doesn’t think it will be anytime soon for his job to call him back. The Company he worked for laid off even more people after his layoff. He has received his unemployment checks. I’m able to figure out our monthly bills and make a budget for that.

My son still has his job and he pays us rent. That money goes towards our food so it’s not included in the other money. Overall, We’ve been doing okay with everything including the hubby being home all the time.

We have several things that we want to do around here and with the hubby being home things can finally start or be finished.

I hope everyone is doing well during all this.

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next Time.

4 thoughts on “Front garden

  1. Ive missed your blog! And mine! Somehow I’ve been blocked while at home.. In always at home. Hoping to get it figured out soon. Will try to read yoir new posts before my phone dies…sheesh I’m a mess!


  2. Thank you!! I’ve missed your blog posts as well. Hopefully you will get it straightened soon. As with Everything remember to BREATHE! Glad to know that it’s something minor and not major that has kept you away!!

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