Unexpected, Old Gas Turn off Valve

We did more work outside today as the temps were near 70 degrees.

As we cleared out the other planter we found an old Gas turn off valve. We didn’t know it was there because of the ground cover plants. Once, we realized what it was we were careful about how we went about clearing everything out of the flower bed.

We didn’t block it in completely. I left the tiger lilies pretty much where they were planted. I did put the rest of the wild flower seeds in the flower bed. I’m hoping that they don’t get washed away with the rain we are getting now.

We had planned on cleaning a smaller flower bed out but our neighbors to an end to that. They were having a cookout ,drinking and getting quite loud. We have other neighbors that do that also but they keep their voices down for the most part. It’s generally a quiet Mobile Home Park to live in.

So, we called it a day and came inside .We had pizza for dinner as it was the quickest thing to make . If the weather is good tomorrow ,we will finish the smaller flower box then be done with the front half of our yard . Hopefully , this week we can start on the enclosure for the vegetable garden. I can’t wait to get it started. Nothing tastes better than Homegrown food.

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected, Old Gas Turn off Valve

  1. I love wildflowers! I planted wildflowers in a flower bed years ago and they turned out so awesome. My landlord was wishing I could plant them in all the flowerbeds at the apartments. And I’ve never done that since. I can’t wait to see yours!

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