Cleaning the front half of the yard

We prepared our flower bed outside our fence. I dug all the weeds and other things out of the flower bed.

Still have a ways to go. Last fall I bought a box a Wild Seeds on clearance from Dollar General. I’m going to be putting them in the flower bed. We are going to expand the other flower bed that is on the other side of the Arbor.

There are so many pavers that have to be moved. We are going to be repurposing them as a flower bed border. We pulled the bigger pavers to put liner under them. The grass that was under the pavers was removed. It was good to actually get outside for once in quite sometime. I’m glad that it didn’t rain like what was forecasted.

We are using what we had and what was left here, the only things that are new is the fence and the posts. Everything is a mess and I’m okay with it looking like it does. We still have to finish up outside and it will take sometime. Eventually we want to replace the steps leading to up to our porch.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be as nice as today was so we can get back out and do some more work. I need to get my planters out so I can put some seeds in them for the bench . Tomorrow will putting flower seeds in the ground as long as the weather is nice.

I want to take off everything off our porch so I clean give it a major cleaning. I’m not sure when the porch was last cleaned . I’d love to use the porch more than we do now. I’d like to enjoy the outside more than I have in the past.

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Til next time

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