Bathroom/Laundry Area

Cleaning and Reorganizing the Bathroom/Laundry area has seen better days.This is one of my trouble spots in our Mobile Home.

It honestly shouldn’t look the way it does but with 2 other Adults living here and no one including myself wants to clean it. It has become a dumping ground for a lot of different things.

When we were in Walmart I pick up 2 different types of serving caddies. I wanted something that I could put on the shelf above our sink. It seems like the serving caddy from Main Stay works well. It hold some of the stuff already on the shelf. I will have to buy another like that to hold the rest of the stuff on the shelf. The cups that came with the serving caddy will be used to hold tooth brushes and tooth paste.

It’s embarrassing to post these pictures but I figured it would hold me accountable to keeping our Bathroom/Laundry Area cleaner than it is. The one thing I hate more than the clutter is the hard water stains on the sink. I’m trying something different to clean it so I’m hoping it works.

The other serving caddy is Better Homes and Garden. I’m using it for the shelf above our washer and dryer area. I would like that area to be used for just our Laundry Detergent , a few decor pieces, a candle and the Electric razors. As, that is the only electric outlet we have in the Bathroom/Laundry Area. The Razors could be put in the cabinets but that seemed to prove not so great. The cabinets seems to get disorganized when the other 2 went looking for them.

I’m doing the rest of the laundry for the Bathroom and cleaning the bathroom/laundry area from top to bottom as it needs it. I’m hoping that what I sprayed on the sink counter works for the hard water. We will see when I go to clean it.

I will blog the Afters pictures when I’m finished with the Bathroom/Laundry Area. As these are some of the Before pictures.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Thank you for stopping by.

Til the next time!!

2 thoughts on “Bathroom/Laundry Area

  1. I’ve got hard water issues too that I’m ignoring right now. I would say contain contain contain 🙂 I store a lot of my bathroom type products in dollar tree bins under the sink. I’m sure not everyone can do that. It helps with my limited space. Looking forward to your afters! Maybe I’ll get some good ideas. I like your purple wall 🙂


  2. The stuff I used seemed to get most of the hard water junk up. I’m ignoring under the bathroom sink for now. The pipes under the sink make it difficult to put things under it. Thank you! I was told that the purple walls are Moisture Resistant Drywall. I like them the way they are so We never cover them.


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