New Carpet for my room.

Well my no spend was broken. New carpet for my room. I got tired of having wood splinters in my socks and my feet. We paid $40.00 for a 6 ft by 9 ft carpet.The carpet compliments the room nicely. The carpet doesn’t go to wall but the majority of the room is covered and that’s what I was going for.

We took everything out of my room and put the carpet down. Once, the carpet was down we put things back in my room.I changed a few things around. I took out the table between the 2 chairs. I put one half of my farmhouse table under my Oil Paintings. The bookcase is in the same place as before. I put the chairs with the other half of my farmhouse table.Now we have a “dining area” in my room. I put another small table under the double windows.

I did put my decor back in my room. Some of it is where I want it. I really like how my room is starting to look.It seems more open this way. If I need more space for my seedlings I can always bring in the other table.

Earlier today we did get more yard work done before the rain came. The hubby actually worked on the outside of our Mobile Home. The previous owners put wood siding at the top and didn’t do a good job.So, the wood was falling off and we had water run behind the siding into the walls.

As you can see , the wood was falling off. The 3rd picture is were the hubby put metal siding up. He is hoping to finish it tomorrow since we are suppose to have a nice day. My hubby is still enjoying his “vacation”. We are getting things done around here since he is home now. We still have several things that need to done.

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