Cleaning our yard

The yard got mowed and the cleaning out the yard began. We are hoping to have it clean and cleared out sometime next week. The previous owners had left a mess in the yard so it’s taken time to get it cleaned and cleared out and we still have a ways to go. Wood was left and rotten away, so it might stay and be used as compost .

The flowers need to be transplanted soon, the rocks need to be moved and the fence needs to anchored more than it is now. We have 2 wooden box springs that we are going to be as raised beds. Once, the fence is secured and the ground cleared we are going to plant corn. I wanted the corn to have some to grow up on. I think that the fence will be perfect for that.We found 21 sorted containers in the yard so they will be used for the garden.

We will have to buy posts to enclose the garden because of the outside cats that visit us. We will be buying top soil to use in the garden. I’m working on my starts to go in the garden. I have everything I need to that. Last year I bought Seed Starters from Dollar General on Clearance.It Seed Starter has 36 cells and I bought 3 of them. So, I can start to plant 108 seeds.

Yes, that might seem like a lot but I might not get half of what I grow. I might be a little over cautious but I would hope that since this is my first attempt at gardening I might produce some food. I’m also going to be planting flowers , herbs. I’m planting food that we eat and for the bees,birds. I will work getting my seeds started so that in about 2 to 4 weeks I could get them in the garden.

Our yard is small but I’m thinking that we can grow a lot in a small space if it’s done right. So, some planning will have to be done, I also have to check into companion planting. I already have 2 tomato plants and a lettuce plant that need to go in the ground or in a container. Those, hopefully will be able to go outside tomorrow. I have “wild flowers” that I bought from Dollar General last year that are going to be planted outside our fence in the front and maybe on the side of our Mobile Home.

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