Dealing with being laid off

My Hubby got laid off March 17, 2020.There is a possibility of him going back to his job but with everything that is currently going on it’s highly unlikely. He is handling it very well. He is enjoying his time off. My hubby had a Mini Stroke a few days before Christmas and another one on Christmas night. So, we spent of that time in 2 separate hospitals. He did return to work but was put on “light” duty. This layoff is a blessing for him so that he can decompress and enjoy the things he truly loves.

We aren’t stressing as much as we use to . I’ve wanted him to come home for about the last year and a half. I could see what his job was doing to him even though he didn’t. Now that he got is first unemployment check I can figure out bills. This may be unpopular but he cashed out his 401k. We have a few things that we want to pay off not have to worry about..I’m figuring out what we can live on and exactly what needs to be done. This is were the NO EXTRA SPENDING comes in. I’m the SPENDER of the family. So, I have to think and take in account that we don’t have the money for anything extra. Believe me when I say that’s it’s tough not spending money on things I see and want.

So, the next day or so, I will be figuring things out how to stretch our money. Even though I know we will have a relatively large sum coming our way. It will be out of sight out of mind. We need to live within the means of my Hubbys unemployment check and what my son gives us for rent. I might do a break down of what our bills are. I know that everyone is going through similar stuff with bills and food. Our cost of living is very different to everyone else and so is Our lifestyle. We are wanting to make changing to our eating habits and fitness. We plan on doing a garden this year but do to lack of space we will be doing containers.

4 thoughts on “Dealing with being laid off

  1. Aww sounds like this lay off couldn’t have come at a better time for your hubby.

    We planted some seeds in pots today. We didn’t spend anything because we already had everything we needed. I don’t know how it’ll do. I’m usually not too good with

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  2. I’m grateful and so is he for the layoff.We still need to clear an area of our yard so we can enclose it for our garden.I’m going to plant corn from seed, so we will see how that goes.We have some containers but we also have wood pieces that we can use as boxes.I wish you the best with your garden.

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  3. It’s not much of a garden but its something! Maybe we will do more. Good luck with yours as well! My older daughter dug up a little spot in the back and is planning on corn. Not sure how that will go…deer.
    Sure is nice to get outside though. Gardening is good exercise šŸ™‚

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  4. We bought 2 tomato plants today so I’m hoping to get them in the ground tomorrow.I have fencing to enclose them.We still need to clean up a part of the yard for my garden. Good Luck to your daughter. Thank you!!


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