Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day here. The temperature was 77 degrees and it was windy. We had a wind advisory all day.

We went to Walmart to get baking soda, ice cream and chocolate milk. The Ice Cream was in short supply but they had pretty much everything else that we wanted to get. That was the only thing we did outside today as it was too windy to do anything else. I did get my 2nd chair painted.tomorrow, the new seat cover will be put on.

I moved the bookcase to the drywall wall.It looks okay but I’m not sure if I like it there. Time will tell. I did get my florals out so now I have to figure out how I want to decorate my birdcage. I still have to put everything back on the bookcase and the cabinet .

The box on the table has my fine china from Germany. I bought it from the Antique Mall last year. I don’t remember how many pieces are in the box , I do remember that I paid $10.00 for it. I miss going to the Antique Mall . Sometimes we would go just to look and see what they had and what was new in the store. The Antique Mall is a 3 story building plus a basement. The Antique Mall had different vendors from whom you could buy stuff from. We always found a lot of interesting things there,

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Oh nice you have two chairs 🙂 I miss second-hand stores so much!!! We have a huge antique mall about an hour away that’s so fun to look through but didn’t go very often. And now yard-sale season would’ve been starting! 😭

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