My area is almost done

I thought today I’d be able to start putting my stuff in my area.

We finished painting my area. We still have to put the trim down. The white paint was used as a primer and the light blue paint was the main wall color. The floor needs a good sweeping .I’m still deciding if I want to put Curtains up or not.The one wall that has drywall is patched together with different pieces . We didn’t have half or full sheets so we used what we had, we didn’t have spackling either so we used caulk. The room is an imperfect space and I’m okay with that. We used everything we had and no money was spent.

The ceiling still needs to be finished but I’m not concerned about it right now. I’ll know tomorrow if I need to touch up the light blue paint. The table that is in there will be separated and each piece will be put under the windows.One half will hold my laptop and the other will be for my seedlings that I’m going to be planting in about a week or two. I have 2 dining room chairs that I’m going to be redoing and they will stay in the room. I have a small table and my bookcase that will be in there as well . I’m hoping what I’m envisioning for this space will work, if not I’ll tweak it . I have 2 Oil paintings that I want to put in there but we will see if that’s possible.

Tomorrow , I will get the items I want in my room. It will be interesting to see how I get it decorated. I have A LOT of China, decor.I would like to have all my things in my room but I don’t want it to be crowded. I still need carpet for the floor , I just don’t want to spend the money. At the moment we don’t have it to spend. I’m going on a no spend for awhile and using only what I have. Money will be used for paying Bills and buying food.This no spend will be hard because I’m use to spending money on things I want.

I hope everyone is doing good with everything that is going on in the world.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time.

2 thoughts on “My area is almost done

  1. Yay! How nice that it’s almost done! Our place is so small that I decided in the fall to make a little patio area out under the oak tree.
    No spend isn’t fun. I’ve had to do that too. But things will get better and back to normal someday. I have a pretty good wish list going.
    It does force one to be even more resourceful and creative though!


  2. I’m glad that it’s done-ish.. I’m using it now. That’s great, Our yard is small, Actually it’s the smallest yard in the Trailer Park.Mainly it for our dog. I’m taking a section up against our fence to do my container gardening. I’m hoping we for wood and screen so I can “fence”it in.I doing okay for now with the no spend but it is tough. Yes, it does.I have my own projects that I can do to take my mind off of everything.


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