Laid Off

We had a great day weather wise .We got several things done earlier.

On Tuesday 3/17, My hubby was laid off of his job. It seems so surreal. He might be able to go back at the end of April but with everything that is going on, I highly doubt it. I’m thinking he likes his ‘vacation” in terms of the many projects that we have going on. We live in West Virginia and he worked in Pennsylvania.Most Companies are closed as of now. As far as I know they haven’t restricted cross state travel.

We are staying home and finishing up our projects. This is the first layoff that he has had in about 7 years. He did file for his unemployment so now it’s a waiting game to see what he is eligible for. I know it’s not going to be enough to pay our bills. He will receive his last paycheck on the 30th. My hubby was laid off in the middle of a pay period.His check will be for 7 days worth of work.

I know that A LOT of people are in the same boat or have it much worst than we do.I’m not complaining or anything like that .I’m just sharing our story during these trying times.We have enough food for a month to a month an half. So, I’m trying to keep life pretty much the same. I did want my husband to be home more but not like this.I’m glad he is here.The projects are getting done, nearly done. I made goulash for dinner earlier. When I make it , I always make enough for left overs.

I’m concerned about our ability to pay our bills just like everyone else. So, I have to wait until the 30th to see what my hubbys’ last check will be. As of right now there is no need to worry about it as we can’t do anything about it at the moment. I’m enjoying our time together. We will eat dinner and watch a movie.

I will figure out a budget on the 30th. That means for Bills and Groceries. I already have my grocery list done as I tend to keep a running list of the foods we eat. We know that our eating habits will change. We are still planning on doing container gardening this year. We went through the seeds we have and picked out what we want to plant first. We don’t eat a lot of junk food so it’s not on my grocery list. I did however add more baking ingredients to the list. I do love double stuff oreos but I don’t think I’ll get them. I can eat them in 2 to 3 days.

So, We are enjoying our time together, catching up on projects and watching movies.We are getting outside for fresh air when weather permits. It’s suppose to rain here on and off for the next week. So, we will do things around our home.

Thanks for stopping by .

Til next time

2 thoughts on “Laid Off

  1. My hubby is home too. Not sure how this will go…I always loved my own time at home. He does have a little shop he can go to where he is trying to get a small business going. We are basically broke but relying on God to help us through this time. He has a thousand ways to provide that we know nothing about. Curious to see how it all plays out. And yes so many are in this same boat.
    Today, we ventured out to Wal-Mart. The first day of our shelter-in-place order here in California. So strange! I almost felt normal there…I bought some outdoor fabric to make a couple pillows for my little patio. I just want to decorate something! These things are so therapeutic for me.
    Hope you enjoy your time with hubby and get lots of projects done!

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    1. I’m actually glad that we decided to enclose part of the tip out. He will have his own space back and I will have mine. We are broke as well. No savings and in debt. We always seem to manage to pay bills and have food in the house.That is so TRUE about GOD.I’m glad to hear that you got to venture out.That’s great, I bought fabric for 2 dining room chairs that I’m going to be using in my area.I want to decorate , rearrange my whole house but really don’t know where to start .I figure I’ll just keep busy with our pre planned projects. My hubby is wanting to start a gaming channel on Youtube. So, he is doing research .When he decides to start it will keep him busy. I have a Youtube channel but I haven’t posted anything in about 6 months. I’m thinking I might post a video but not sure. I really liking Blogging and Instagram. Thank you ! Enjoy your time with your hubby as well.

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