Spring Decor or The lack of???

Today is a good day , the sun is shinning. I’m still doing my Spring/daily cleaning.

Finally got out my Spring Decor that were in a tote. I thought I had more , I’m glad I have what I have. I’m like simple ,attainable decor. My FALL DECOR is a different story as FALL is my favorite season. As, I look at what I have I was trying to figure how to use it and where to put everything.

As you can see not a lot of Spring Decor and I’m okay with what I have. The Welcome sign will go on our front door. The Welcome sign and the tea set were in a surprise box that I got from the Antique Mall. The Orbs were from Aldi last year or the year before. The Wreath, the Bunnies and the Easter Eggs are from Walmart on clearance. The blue bird is from Dollar General as is the plant in the box. The set by the bird was from a thrift store. I think I paid 79 cents for each piece.

Now I have to figure out were I want to put everything. My cabinet will most likely go through a few changes as I start to put things out. I don’t like things to feel or look too busy. I haven’t seen anything Decor wise that caught my attention this year. Somethings were “cute” but I didn’t see the need to bring any of it home with me.

I have my core pieces that I use year around and add to them. The Easter will most likely go in my lanterns on my shelf. I’ll more than likely move my pigs and candle and put the Bunnies there. I have a spot for the wreath, I just have to take down the picture that is still hanging there. The orbs will be used as filler just to have some greenery were its needed. I’m thinking of doing a Topiary tree with the bigger orbs. We will see if that gets done, if not I’ll put them on a bowl or planter.

Tomorrow, We are actually starting on the tip out. We are going to be putting up the frame for the walls. We have to move a cabinet and a table first but I’m excited to finally get it started. It won’t be completed as far as the wall goes. The walls for the living room will be paneling , Yes they will be painted. My office/space will have drywall for walls. I still need to look for a rug or a piece of carpet.I haven’t really found anything I like at the thrift stores. I know that I don’t want to pay full price for a piece of carpet or a rug.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next Time.

3 thoughts on “Spring Decor or The lack of???

  1. You have some cute things. I like your bunnies. You should check Ross for rugs. They have pretty good prices on rugs. I don’t think I even have any actual spring decorations. And nothing for Easter. I don’t know why I don’t… I have summery stuff..a little fall and lots of Christmas stuff. Hmm… But my yard is a field of wildflowers. I’ll be thankful for that and keep my eye out for a cute bunny or two 🙂


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