Writing Challenge

I challenged myself to write for 30 days.

The things I’ve learned in the past 30 days on writing everyday

Not everyone is going to read what you post Or are going to like what you post .

My blog is for myself that I decided to share with the world. I have found that the people who do read it , like and comment are on posts about DIY Projects, Budget Decorating, Home Decor.

It is difficult at best to think of something to write on a daily basis.There was a time, midway through my blogging that I almost gave up. I kept at it and finished my personal 30 day writing challenge.

I still have a tendency not to proof read what I wrote, that might or might not change. I’m thinking of other blog posts to write about. So far it seems it will be Home related stuff. That can mean home decor, budget decorating, Projects that are still in the works also ways to save money on the previously mentioned.

Pictures are good for Home related posts but not necessary for other ones. People like to see the changes that are mentions in said post.

Even after 30 days of writing I’m still learning and will continue to learn. Do I want to be “WordPress Famous” No, not in the slightest. I just want to share my life and our home without throwing in the face of the reader. Everyone has something to say and share with the world. Find what that is for you and share. Just remember not everyone is going to like what you share and that is okay because there is someone out there that needs to hear what you have to say.

I, THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART for allowing me to share some of my life and our Home with you!!!!

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next Time.

5 thoughts on “Writing Challenge

  1. What?! Your 30 days are over already? I’ve really enjoyed reading what you come up with everyday. Thanks for sharing. Hope you keep writing!

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  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts everyday too. I did not comment on all especially your personal stuff, hits very close to home. Dealing with all that crap myself. Wish we were neighbors to share coffee and conversation!

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