Spring Planting

Today was another nice day. So, I gathered my seed starters for indoor starts.

I decided to get out my planting things and ponder what I’m going to plant this year. I have “wild” flowers, fruits and vegetables seeds. It’s going to be exciting to start planting this year.I’m doing containers, this will be the first time I try and grow stuff out of containers.Tomorrow I will put the seeds in the seed starter packs I bought last year.

I bought the seed starter kits, flower seeds,the outside flag, the 2 welcome signs for a $1.80 at Dollar General last October when they were having a sale onto of a sale.The Dollar General next to our place usually has pretty good sales when they want to get rid of things. If I bought everything before hand I would of spent roughly $ 22.00. I’m so glad I waited for a “super”sale.

I have my other seeds put up for now. I still want to order a few more seeds this year.One is a mint lettuce, it looks like a Romaine type lettuce. A few different types of Tomatoes,maybe some Peppers. I’m waiting for my seed catalog to come in. It is going to be an exciting adventure to see what I can grow in containers this year. I’m actually looking forward to being out of this house. I’d love to do a compost but I don’t think the landlord would go for that. I might have to buy or build some type of shelving unit because of the containers. I’m not trying to take a lot of yard space because of our dog.

I’m thinking this is going to be a good year for planting, eating healthier and really getting life in order. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day weather wise. Hopefully , Winter is about over.I can’t say we actually had a winter this season. We had a lot of cold days and nights and freezing temps but actually having a true winter. We didn’t really experience that this winter .

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next Time.

4 thoughts on “Spring Planting

  1. Not sure how or if we will have a garden. Hubby wants to build boxes and there are deer out here so there’d have to be a fence of some sort. Not thinking that’s in the budget but we’ll see.
    You got tons of stuff for under 2 bucks! A couple years ago, I bought a bunch of outside chair cushions at Dollar General…altogether it was a couple dollars. Good luck with your garden!

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    1. Hopefully you can have a garden.As far as the deer go , what about building a frame around the boxes. make like 4 posts and use pallets to surround the boxes? Or make mini greenhouses out of pallets. That’s if your hubby is able to get a hold of pallets. That’s great about the outside cushions. Thank you!

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