It was nice today.

Today was a nice day weather wise.I spent some time outside.

The sun was shinning for the first time in about a week.It was really nice to have natural light come through the windows. With all the projects that still need to be done it was a nice change to get outside. I would love to open windows and let fresh air in but it’s still to chilly for that and we don’t have enough screens for the windows.

So, I’m still doing my spring cleaning along with the everyday cleaning.Today was strip the bed wash the linens and after washing/drying put linens back on the bed.Today was no different when I strip the bed with the cats.It’s usually take the cats off the bed , take the comforter off , take a cat off the bed.I think you get the picture. That’s what it’s like daily here and when you have pets. Our cats CLAIM everything as theirs.

I finally took down and put away the winter decor.I’m liking the simplicity of the shelf and stereo cabinet. I might add some greenery to the shelf but i’m not sure. Like I said in other posts I’m using what I have and I use most everything year round.

I’m hoping that this next weekend we can start on the tip out by enclosing it. We still have to get plywood for the floor. Possibly drywall for the walls if I don’t want to use paneling as the walls. The kitchen is still a work in progress.Plans for that change from time to time but really I need to do a deep cleaning and finish painting cabinets. I did find a kitchen cabinet set I really liked but it’s not in the budget.So, I’ll just deal with what is here and use paint and new hardware to pretty the kitchen up. The only room that doesn’t need any work is our bath/laundry room combo.

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next time

2 thoughts on “It was nice today.

  1. Looks nice! Whew I’m tired just reading about all the work you’re doing and planning on doing! Won’t it be nice once it’s done?
    We are sort of in the middle of trying to put a hearth/woodstove in…haha. That’s mostly not my dept. I’m still trying to get the motivation to clean and declutter something! Have a nice day!

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  2. Thank you!! Yes, it is going to be a lot of work.I’m waiting on the day when we can start on the tip out. It will be nice to have it finished. That is a project in and of its self.I’m sure when the hearth/woodstove is in it will be a nice addition to your home. I absolutely love the smell of burning wood from a fireplace.I’m getting ready to do dishes and clean something around here. Decluttering, well, maybe someday soon?? Have a Blessed day!!!

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