Grocery Shopping and Pillow Cases

We did something that we haven’t been able to do in awhile.

We went Grocery Shopping today and we were able to put a months worth of Dinners in our freezers.We also picked up Milk and Chocolate Milk. We already had Bread , Eggs, Shredded Cheese on hand. We picked up lunch meat for lunches.

I’ve tried to Menu Plan in the past but it didn’t go well.I try and shop sales but what we like to eat usually isn’t on sale.Or should I say what’s normally on sale we don’t eat. So, I’m happy to have a months worth of dinners in the house.We bought fruits and Oatmeal this time around also.

I try and keep some type of fruit in the house but it gets eaten quickly. The food we bought today will be planned out so we don’t eat the same every week. I tend to add Breakfasts to our dinners.I like to change things up quite a bit.So, it’s never boring and we don’t get tired of eating our favorite foods.

We stopped by Goodwill today and they were having a decent sale going on. I bought 3 sets of Pillow cases and some head bands. The Pillow cases are for the Floral sheet set we bought awhile back.The Pillow cases are all white, all different styles. Did I need all 3 sets, no but I figured for the price I couldn’t pass them up.,plus I could change out the look of the sheet set.

The freezer isn’t as packed as I would like it but for now this is fine.The frig/freezer has dinners for the next 10 days.I will have to go back out next week and pick up more milk and bread, fruits.

The colorful headbands were a want and a need . I prefer to keep my hair off my face. My bangs are to my chin. It seems my skin it sensitive . I prefer to keep my hair up especially when I’m cleaning, I also put it up when I’m writing. WE spent around $11.00 at Goodwill.

We spent $ 71.00 at Aldi and $ 105 at Walmart. I try not and shop at Walmart that much but It seems that we do some of our shopping. I have a love/hate with Walmart.As, I’m sure several others do. So, for now our grocery shopping is done.I feel really good about having a months worth of dinners in the house as we already had breakfast and lunches. It might not be the healthy of stuff to eat but for us, it gets us by.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time.

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