Spring Cleaning and Spring Decorating

Today I decided to start my “Spring” cleaning. It was a lot of dusting and cleaning out a lot of cobwebs.

I had some of my spring decor in a cabinet so I pulled it out. I’m still finding that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorating. I found some free printables on Pinterest last last. I put them in a dollar frame I bought from the Dollar Tree. I’m still tweaking how I want things to look but for now I’m okay with how things look.

The pictures will be hung on the pallet for more dimension. I’m using things I already have on hand. I have more Spring decor in storage, not a lot but I’m trying not to spend any money on decor this year. It’s hard not to spend money on decor. Everytime you walk into any store you are bombarded with home decor, that includes the thrift stores.

I’m thinking I want simple decor this year as I’m not a fan of dusting . I, also don’t want our home to look like a store threw up in it. I’m slowly weaning myself of wanting decor and it’s hard. I know within the next few months will be yard sale season. So, If I’m spending any money , I want it to go towards gardening stuff. I reuse some of the decor year around. It might be boring to some but for me it saves me money. The cabinet shown was in a shed that I chalk painted, it’s seating on an old dresser that was chalk painted also.

I still have other areas that need to be spring cleaned. Like the stereo cabinet and the shelf above it.Everything needs a really good cleaning. Living with cats and living on a dirt road a lot of dust accumulates quick.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Spring Decorating

  1. Our place is so small there’s not room for very much decor. I have one tall bookshelf but it’s crammed with books and a China cabinet in the living room that has mostly my hubby’s great-grandmother’s China in it. Our house is a work in progress for sure.
    Love your blue jars. I have several of those too. I hope to start spring cleaning soon. I was thinking today that not having a whole lot of windows isn’t a bad thing…because it’ll be so easy to clean them. Gotta find the positive in living in a small mobile home 🙂

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    1. That’s great that you have family heirlooms.As far as the china I have , I bought some from the Antique mall and the thrift store.A good portion is from the late 1880s. The blue jars came from a yard sale.The gentleman was clearing his basement out. One of the jars has a sticker with the year 1957. I just counted our windows and we have 17 of them..

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