Updating a kitchen

Like any updates on your home, it can be done on the “cheap”, a budget or the lack of funds.

Paint can be inexpensive. Depending on the brand you want to use.We use paint from Walmart.

I bought one roll of wallpaper from Amazon last year with the intent of using it on our kitchen counter.I didn’t think it would look that great after it arrived so I held onto it. I’m going to use it for our new back splash.

It looks lie colored wood/pallets.Which is something that I really like. Our upper cabinets are painted white and without the doors. I really love that it’s open, I took the doors off because I had a tendency to hit my head with the doors.

As, You can see the other wallpaper is pealing. It’s not what I like but it “worked” .I’ve been peeling paper, I got a little frustrated, so I quit.Now I’m more than determined to tackle the kitchen. The counter is horrible looking but it works. The counter had wall paper on it as well. It was peeling so I started to peel it and this is what I’m left with. I’m not sure what to do with the counters so for now they will stay the way they are.

When we moved in the kitchen cabinets were purple, it was so dark and very unwelcoming.We removed the doors and painted the upper cabinets. Now, I’m going to tackle the lower cabinets . I still light blue paint so i’m going to paint the lowers that color.I think it will compliment the wallpaper and the upper cabinets. I’m not sure how long this project is going to take me as there is a lot of prep work first. A lot of scrubbing the cabinets, lightly sanding the cabinets, taking off old wallpaper, moving the stove.

Are you working on any projects ??

Til next time

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