Pantry or The lack of one

When we move into this Mobile Home, It didn’t have enough usable cabinet space or a pantry.

The kitchen had been remodeled but not in a way that it was fully functional. The sink was moved under the small window, pipes were moved under the cabinets and made the space there unusable.

The lack of usable space was at a minimum, instead of having a dining room.I took that space and turned it into a pantry. It’s part of the tip out. If you took out that part of the tip out there would be no dining room at all.I’m grateful for the additional space.

This is what is being used as a pantry. It needs to be better organized for now this is how it is. I’m seriously thinking of moving our freezer to where the cabinets is and having face out. We use the boxes when we shop at Aldi.. If you don’t have a Pantry and really want one, think outside the box. A closet , a cabinet or a shelving unit would work for a make shift pantry.

It seriously needs an overhaul but when you don’t have the money and you want to move in about 7 months, you use what you already have and get creative . I’d love to replace the flooring but that’s not possible.The flooring is one piece and it goes from the tip out to the kitchen.So, everything will stay but I will rearrange it so more suit our needs.

I’m spending this time to clean/ deep clean everything and move stuff around. I’m still working on the kitchen as far as taking wall paper down and sanding cabinets. Plus doing laundry , cooking dinner.The everyday things that have/need to be done.

I’m debating hanging a curtain up, I mod podged the window for privacy it still lets enough light in during the day. I have fabric remnants so that might would instead of an actual curtain. We will see how the window treatment goes.

Make do with what you have. Repurposing, something else into what you want without spending any money .

Til next time

4 thoughts on “Pantry or The lack of one

  1. I agree great pantry spot. Our home is OLD and we don’t have a pantry we use a couple over the counter cabinets and a small bookcase for food storage.

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