Fixing an addition

Fixing the tip out again.We have “fixed” the tip out, a few times.

With the leaks in the tip out,we’ve wasted time and money. I’m hopeful that this fix will be our last.

We bought this Mobile Home in December 2018, we knew it had a minor issues,Those got fixed pretty much after we moved in.The leaks we didn’t know about until we started to do some remodeling.

I’m just glad that we are able to get the tip out done..Drywall is up. we have a few things to do still before I can have an area to call mine. We actually talked about enclosing it to make it a separate room . So, I’m pondering that idea.It would be nice to have an area for me.I’d have a reading area, a place for my china.

I’m still on the hunt for a Queen Anne chair. With the tip out enclosed I wouldn’t have to worry about my china getting destroyed from our cats. Our cats are everywhere in our home.

We are still planning trying to move within the next 6 to 7 months , we still need to live here so, fixing the tip out had to be done. We have the wood to build 2 walls , I think we have enough paneling for walls.We have a door , So we have access to it.

I’m just happy that the drywall is up and I can get to cleaning and painting it. This time it didn’t cost us anything but time.

I’ll probably start cleaning it a little later. I have sheers that will go up once I clean the walls. I already have things I want to go into this space minus a comfy chair , a rug or carpet. We are using what we already have as we are trying to save money. We don’t need to buy paint as we have plenty the same with curtains and sheers.

Til next time

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