Pick Wisely

Pick your battles, pick your friends,pick your clothes, pick your job, Pick your Family/Tribe.

Choose where and what you want to do in and with your life. Let no one Pick it for YOU!

Choose what YOU believe to be TRUE,ACCORDING TO YOU!! Rely on other people for Support but the final decision is YOURS and ONLY YOURS!!

A lot of People believe what they hear and or what they’ve heard , what they were taught by parents, teachers,etc…

If you want to know something that doesn’t sound, seem right to you . Do some checking , in this day and age there is so much information out there.At times, it seems like too much.

Your BEING/SELF will point /push you in a direction of useful information.

Don’t let anyone /anything stand in your way of wanting to know something. Most people have good intentions .

Negativity doesn’t do anything but bring you down.Sometimes it’s such a hard place to get back from.

Is it worth an argument about who is cooking dinner? Is it worth an argument about ANYTHING???

Pick your Battles WISELY!!

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