Enhancing your home

Enhancing your home on a budget.It can be an exhausting experience. But so worth the wait and good for your wallet.

Most houses look like Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart,Dollar Tree/Dollar General threw up in it.I know that they are good store to look for Home Decor but when everyone is buying the same things it’s like where is the Originally .

I do shop at Dollar Tree/Dollar General for certain pieces but its usually to go with what I already have.I like to shop at thrift stores , the Antique Mall.

I bought this comforter for $ 7.99 at Goodwill.I bought for our bed and to use it on our couch. I was looking for a light weight comforter for spring and summer. I haven’t seen anything at Walmart that I liked/loved enough to pay full price.

I’ve been wanting a large Tobacco Basket but I could not justify paying the stores asking price.So, with patience.I finally found one at Goodwill.

It’s 18 inches across and 25 inches long. The price was $7.99 but it was marked down to $1.99 because of a tear in the basket . The tear is in a corner on the backside it can be easily hidden.

I have and idea how I want to decorate with it. I like the Farmhouse style along with Rustic. I really don’t have a perceived style, I just know what I like.So, that is how I decorate our home. It’s a mixed of a lot of old and new. I try to blend different styles together.

There are a few more pieces of Furniture I’d like to have but for now I’ll wait until I find them and are at a price I can afford. I would like to have one or two Queen Anne chairs and a Buffet Cabinet for all the China I have. All my China came from a few thrift stores and the antique mall.

When decorating on a budget you really have to think outside the box. Shop your own house to see if you have something similar to what you want. Can it be altered , painted, can it be made inexpensively?

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or look “cheap” , It takes a lot of patience especially if you are going for a certain “FEEL” IN YOUR HOME.

2 thoughts on “Enhancing your home

  1. I agree, there are a lot of beautiful homes decorated from those stores and they all look the same! My home is curb side furniture, goodwill, antique store. I use lots and lots of paint, and fabric to decorate.

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  2. My neighbor put out a dresser she no longer wanted, I asked if I could have it.It now sits in our kitchen It holds my kitchen towels, drying mats, wash rags. Most of my china is either from antique stores or thrift stores , several are dumpster dive finds.I don’t have a lot fabrics.


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