Snow , Yea!!!

We finally got Snow that stuck around for more than a few hours.

To some people this isn’t a lot of snow and really it’s not .We live in WV and We are use to getting more than a couple of inches of snow.

We will take it considering it our “first” snowfall of this winter season. Plus it stayed more than a few hours.

I took out my crock pot and made a pork roast with potatoes, carrots and onion soup mix. I let it cook on low for 6 hours. It was delicious.

I bought this piece fabric from Walmart. It was $1.45 for half a yard. So, it was stapled to a piece of wood , we added picture hangers to the back so it could be hung on the wall. It now hangs in our freshly painted hallway.

We bought a gallon of premixed paint from Walmart for $7.00, the color is Blue Light.Our hallway isn’t dark anymore. With the lighter color, the hallway “feels” bigger than it is.

I did manage to get the throw pillows from our couch washed. Tomorrow, I will wash the sheets that are on it. I keep sheets or blankets on our furniture because of our cats. Overall, its been a real busy week here.

I’m Challenging myself to write a Blog post everyday for the next 30 days! It will be interesting to see how the next 30 days go.

Til next time,


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