Cleaning and Painting

Today was a good day weather wise. No rain ,no dreary day.

We took the opportunity to do some serious cleaning . Also got some painting done. The painting actually started last night.We painted the seams and the trim.

Today , while in between coats we were going to clean  our living room carpet. It’s in desperate need of a good scrubbing but we found several soft spots in the flooring. So, the carpet will be pulled up instead and the flooring fixed. The joys of living in a fixer up mobile home.

While doing the cleaning , the laundry , I put a stockpot of water on the stove to boil chicken.It will be de-boned and used for different dinner meals that I have planned for the month.

I did buy a couple of fabrics pieces at Walmart .$ 1.45 each. Each piece is half a yard.I didn’t think that was a bad price. I have plans for the one. I am going to make a piece of art with the fabric and a piece of wood.

So, tomorrow I think I will work on the art work and plan what I want on the hallway walls.I like a lot of different decorating  styles. I’m using what I have to decorate our home.

Do you have a favorite decorating style??

Til next time.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning and Painting

  1. Thank you!! Yes, we did get a lot done but more needs to be done.I wanted to paint the hallway for the last 2 years.The soft spots in the floor in the living room was an unseen turn of events.


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