Another dreary day.


As, I sit here looking out the window watching it rain. I’m trying not to think of Everything that needs to been done.The normal everyday stuff, cleaning,cooking so forth and so on.

The last two days we had Spring like weather and it still feels like Spring even with the rain.The temps are in the 50s. This winter season is a MESS.Since it feels like Spring.

I”m thinking of planting season and what I want to plant this year.I already have some seeds just want to get a few more.I found a Mint Lettuce that I’d like to try.I like lettuce and mint so the thought of both combined sounds interesting to me.

Since its raining we cant do the work on our tip-out. It has a few minor leaks ,we thought that we fixed them.But no the leaks weren’t fixed. I’m grateful that it’s only in the tip-out.

That’s the thing about living in a fixer up Mobile Home. You never know what is hiding until you go to remodel. The Mobile home has taught me a few things. Patience, Money doesn’t grow on trees.

I can’t have everything done in a blink of an eye. I would like to remodel our kitchen but the money isn’t there.Does the kitchen need to be remodeled ,no it doesn’t. I have a functioning kitchen so for now it will do.

The only pressing matter is the tip-out, with the leaks it has it’s not very usable. We use it but not like i would like it to be used.

So, I’m trying to be Patient and wait for winter to be over to be able to fix the tip-out. I want to be able to use it for a reading nook.I’d like to put my bookcase , my 1960s style stereo ,table and chairs in it.

I’m trying to make our Mobile home Cozy,Charming with things we already have. It take patience and a lot of rearranging of furniture to get it how I’d like it. The vision in my head is constantly changing.

I’m going to grab some Coffee and look around to find some Pretties on this dreary day.

So, What are your Plans for the day or week??

Til next time.

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